Understanding China Forum (UCF) is an innovative and inclusive platform established with an aim to promote Pakistan-China bilateral relations and create a deeper understanding of China in Pakistan and vice-versa. It is to be carried out through collaborative engagement, the sharing of strategic insights and a development of actionable ideas for policy makers and stakeholders from the civil-society. The basic idea for establishing UCF emanates from the need to further improve the current level of knowledge and understanding regarding the ever-evolving nature of Pakistan-China relations. Founded by a passionate group of experts with vast a knowledge and diverse experience of China in various capacities, UCF is committed to make a difference in uplifting Pakistan-China relations through dedicated efforts enshrined in its aims and objectives. UCF is nonpartisan and committed to promotion of informed open-dialogue on all aspects of Pakistan-China relations and the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). UCF intends to promote cooperation and coordination between the two countries by engaging officials, academia, scholars, intellectuals, media personnel, opinion-leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and representatives from other segments of the society. UCF also focuses on fostering lasting networks and sustainable partnerships between the stakeholders of the two countries through encouraging and creating an enabling environment.


To promote sustainable, long lasting, mutually beneficial multifaceted economic and cultural relations between Pakistan and China through creating viable mechanism to support policies of the respective governments and civil-society based initiatives.


To promote sustainable and mutually beneficial economic and cultural relations between Pakistan and China, through creating viable mechanisms to support the policies of the respective governments and civil-society based initiatives.


FOCUS AREASunderstanding, awareness, information, updates on history, culture, politics, economic, techs, people to people contacts regarding China-Pakistan cooperation partnership. UCF’s main focus area are: