UCF derives its aims and objectives from the common aspirations of the people of the two countries. It aims to enhance people-to-people friendship, facilitate state-to-state multifaceted engagements and help pursuing goals and targets set by the respective leaders of the two strategic partners for further consolidation and expansion of bilateral relations, especially in the fields of socio-economic development and cultural cooperation. UCF intends to achieve its objectives through adopting the following measures;

  • Strive to work towards creating a community of shared future for all mankind
  • Establish a sustainable connectivity to bring closer all segments of the societies of Pakistan and China.
  • Promote multifaceted and comprehensive cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, agriculture, industry, science and technology, culture, media and education.
  • Promote in depth knowledge and understanding on the history, cultural, social values, norms and practices of each other.
  • Establish mechanisms to get firsthand knowledge and information from each other rather than relying on other subjective sources for information.