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Document storage with Dropbox

Manage your documents online with cloud file storage

Document storage management online
Online document storage

Storing, organizing, and accessing your digital files, photos, and videos in a central and secure storage space can be challenging. It’s often difficult to store documents efficiently without taking up vast amounts of physical space for records storage or using valuable resources for records management.

As a result, document management systems have moved online to cloud file storage systems that also include document scanning tools and built-in document retention features. With more people opting to go paperless or work exclusively in the cloud, online document storage can be the solution that provides you with organized, accessible files anywhere you are.

Accessible document storage anywhere
An online document storage solution

Dropbox is an online software solution that manages electronic documents for both individuals and teams. It can serve as your document repository, but it can also simplify how you organize, find, and work with digital files.

With Dropbox as your online document storage solution, you and your teams can:

  • Create a document organization system that boosts collaboration
  • Back up any file, folder, or hard drive to a secure offsite storage location
  • Secure your documents with file sharing and access controls
Organize, find, and work with digital files
A better way to work with cloud files

With an organized cloud file storage system, access to your electronic files in the document repository can happen anywhere, from any device—making work more efficient and productive. Create team sharing spaces and manage your online documents by department, client, or project.

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Share and manage your online documents at work

Frequently asked questions

Online file or offsite document storage is a way to store and organize your digital files using an app or website. With online document storage, you can access your files from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud storage for documents and records management has many benefits.

First, you can reduce the resources used to work with and store physical paper documents at home, in filing cabinets and storage boxes in the office, or at other storage facilities. Going paperless not only saves money, but is environmentally responsible. Win win.

You can also can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have a copy of your important work and sensitive information kept in secure document storage in the cloud, even during natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances. Last, but certainly not least, cloud storage services streamline workflows by giving teams a central, organized, and collaborative workspace.

Coming up with your electronic filing system for offsite document management starts with the question: How do you (or your team) like to work with online documents? With this answer in mind, you can then easily customize Dropbox and organize online documents based on your sharing and collaboration needs.

Want more guidance? Check out our file organization ideas.

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