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Add a personal touch to your ideas with a screen recorder

Show, tell, and share your ideas with a screen recorder. Teach someone how to accomplish a task, conduct a demo or training, or give feedback with a personalized video message.

To get started, visit on your Windows or macOS computer to download the app.

User selecting “screen recording + camera” in the Capture menu
Share a personalized screen recording

Record your partial or full screen with an overlay video of yourself right from your Mac or PC. Use markup tools to write, highlight, or draw to get your point across.

A woman takes a screen and video recording of graphs and charts

Use screen recordings to streamline your workflow

Get the most out of your workday

A woman points at a screen recording on a man’s laptop

Make trainings quick and easy

Give someone a quick video tutorial, troubleshoot a problem together, or even record a webinar.

A man works on his laptop

Reduce meetings and emails

Work asynchronously with your teams by recording tutorials, presentations, or feedback—teams can engage with videos in real time.

A man uses a screen recorder on his laptop to create a video recording to share with his team

Add context to your content

Give your team personalized explanations and updates—you can even create a GIF for easy sharing.

Keep screen recordings secure

Your screen recordings are safely and automatically stored in your Dropbox account. You can see who’s viewed your recorded videos and set permissions to control access

A user updates the screen recording file’s permission to view only for added security
Declutter your desktop

Screen recordings automatically copy to your clipboard for easy sharing. And they’ll all be saved in Dropbox for quick reference.

A screen recorder creates a video and copies it to clipboard.

Frequently asked questions

Screen recording software lets you make a recording of your entire screen or part of your screen right from your Mac or PC. You can video capture anything that’s open, including web pages in Chrome or Firefox, apps, and even your desktop. With our free screen recorder, Dropbox Capture , you can create a video message that includes your computer screen, face, and voice all with a single app. You even can add notes, drawings, annotations, or shapes like arrows to point out important information. All you need is a your computer and a webcam.

Creating a screen recording on a PC or Mac is easy to do and a great option when you can’t share your screen in real time. First, you’ll have to download Dropbox Capture for Microsoft Windows or macOS, then open the app and follow the instructions in the prompts. You'll be able to record your screen or take a screenshot with no time spent uploading—the image and video files will be automatically saved in Dropbox. Visit the help center to learn more.

Once you download Dropbox Capture, open the app and follow the instructions in the prompts. Sign in to your Dropbox account, then, from the Capture app, click the Record button in the middle of the app or use the hotkey keyboard shortcut Option + Shift + R (macOS) or Shift + Alt + R (Windows). Then, click the microphone icon in the middle of the menu to record audio. Visit the help center for step-by-step instructions.

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